My Cacao Story: Part 2

@nicholasjohnbauer in Iceland

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this story, I was asked to lead Cacao Ceremonies or gatherings all over the world! I would like to back up and explain why I would feel so comfortable stepping into sacred space-holding.

@nicholasjohnbauer and @arcoisissanctuary
performing at SquidStock Music Festival 2018

I believe that music can be one of the best expressions of the soul. My first time on stage was when I was 17. I got to sing and play folk songs with an amazing jazz guitarist. I remember it being an exhilarating experience. Speaking or being on stage is a very scary thing for many people. The stress or pressure of can be uncomfortable for some and paralyzing to others. Some of those people have said to me.

“You look so comfortable on stage, do you ever get nervous before a show?”

My usual reply is, “Thank you. I do feel comfortable, I really enjoy it.

And no, I don’t get nervous before the show. I get excited.”

Because the symptoms of nervousness are the same as excitement. Having positive attitude about the signals that my body expresses makes it easier for me to enjoy the experience. I expressed this idea the first time I was on stage and every time after that. I learned the same thing about dizziness, it is just a thought, and when I realized that I could just dismiss that thought of dizziness and just let the world spin by I found deep levels of peace and bliss. AND I didn’t fall down! Check out my YOGA CLASS to learn more about the removing dizziness from your mind.

@nicholasjohnbauer enjoying the chair pose

Feeling comfortable on stage playing music is one thing, holding a spiritual ceremony is another. My path to Cacao Space Holder was also prepped with having been a certified yoga teacher since 2015. One of my favorite parts of teaching yoga classes is helping people unlock incredible feelings of bliss and and peace in their body with the science of yoga through breath, movement, and thought. With my teaching hours in the 1000’s before I was asked to hold a cacao ceremony, it felt natural.

It felt like home.

Cacao is a cardiovascular dilator, it makes the heart swell to pump more blood for subtle euphoric and energetic feelings and many other benefits. Leading Cacao ceremonies sounded like an awesome way to help people find that bliss. If you haven’t been to a cacao ceremony, you may be asking yourself,

What is a cacao ceremony?

@nicholasjohnbauer Mayan Fire Ceremony at
Tata Pedro’s home in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Because I didn’t even know about them until I got to Guatemala. At which point, I was flowed into many ceremonies. Some big and grand and some small and intimate of many different styles held by different shamans. I was immersed in a melting pot of spiritual offerings. Seeing and feeling how others held the space of the cacao plant medicine gave me many different road maps to open the heart. I was blessed enough to be present for ancient rituals like the Mayan fire ceremony at Tata Pedro’s home. As well as multidimensional channeling, bodywork, dance, sound healing and group. All of them were potent.

@nicholasjohnbauer holding a cacao ceremony at the
Samskapelsen Stjarnsund Co-creation Festival 2018 in Sweden

Anytime we take a substance their is a window of time before we “come up”. The window for cacao is 15-20 min and then the effects can last 2-4 hours depending on individual body constitution and how much you eat. I love guiding people’s experience into the “high”, because there is a science to opening up the energetic body that I learned in yoga. When paired with substances like cacao we can reach even higher states of vibration.

Timing a ceremony out in a way so that our intentions, breath, and body are aligned and ready to open up to super high vibrations when the cacao “hits” is a personal pleasure of mine to share.

@nicholasjohnbauer with @arktara for the Nourish Thyself retreat

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