Magic Morning Movement

The body is a beautiful instrument. It is made of over 7 billion billion billion molecules, vibrating together to give us an amazing machine. Before we play music we tune our instruments, because if we don’t, it sounds like junk. Take time to tune your instrument for the day. Everyday.

I developed the Forever Young Yoga Ritual based of many different styles with the foundation of the practice being the 5 Tibetan Moves. An ancient practice held by monks to prepare the body for the day. Each of the 5 moves are done 21 times. Each repetition is done with the flow of the breath. 21 repetitions are really good for building endurance muscles that are long and flexible. If you look into the esoteric meanings behind the number 21 you can find many fascinating meanings. One of my favorites is that in 1901 a doctor studied dying medical patients and found that when people die 21 grams leave the body. They deduced that this is the weight of the spirit or soul. So when doing each movement in the practice I like to imagine giving each gram of my spirit the love it deserves.

The breathing for this practice can be whatever you like. I strongly recommend choosing one style and using it throughout the entire practice. One example would be only breathing through the nose. I like to use the breath of fire technique, inhaling through the nose to fill the belly, exhaling forcefully through the nose by pulling the stomach in and up rapidly. This breath creates much heat like the name suggests, moving a lot of energy.

I recommend doing it right out of bed. Really start the day. That way, you can do whatever you want with the rest of the day, knowing that you took care of your body.

Give it the love it needs and deserves.