Cacao Cuddle Kirtan

Hey friends

I had planned on being in the states for the last few months touring and playing shows and I made all of these epic pieces to fund the tour. So I am taking this opportunity to help the village of San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala.

10% of the sale price is going to be split between the local village food drive and out of Antigua.

This project has been about the beauty of the Guatemalan fabrics and making comfortable high quality clothing that are wearable art. I didn’t intend on starting a business of it, and right now I want to keep it a project of the heart. Before all this craziness happened, it was very inexpensive to fly with them back to the states and ship them out to individuals. Now I have to ship a big box that costs triple of what flights costed before and then I pay someone to ship the orders to you. I have found the solutions, shipping all together is going to be around $30-35/piece.

email - for questions

Price Breakdown –

SpaceSuit Onesies – Retail $200 –

Sale Price $150 – includes $15 donation & Shipping in US -

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Dance Pants – Retail $100 –

Sale Price $100 – includes $10 donation & Shipping in US

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