Magic & Love

The Way of the Heart

What if everyday was lived inspired?

What would that look like?

What would the feel like?

Nicholas created this organization as a way to bring all the magical people together and share stories of magic and miracles.

One of the ways to connect is through fashion. A wizard or witch should look the part right?

Clothing can be an amazing icebreaker for people to strike up conversations. An opportunity to spread joy and love.

NJB started making these exclusive pieces for people that came to his retreats as part of the experience. Word grew of these Magical creations and the project expanded to put money in the hands of many families of Guatemala while sourcing all fabrics in an upcycled way to minimize the impact on the environment.

Check out the Instagram for updates and pictures.

Nicholas John Bauer

The Path of Magic

Do you want to walk the path of Magic? Are you already doing it and want more tricks up your sleeve?